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Condominium Administration

Vacation Rental or Investment Properties are typically located in Resort Communities that have a set of Bylaws that call for an Administrator to run the affairs of the Association of Owners. The following is a brief overview of the Administrator role.

Condominium Bylaws


  • Association Bylaws require Annual Election of an “Administrator”.
  • Administrators are Elected by “Majority Vote of Assembly”.
  • Assembly is the Maximum Authority of the Association of Owners.
  • Administrator can be Individual or Corporation.
  • “Administrator Fees” are established at Annual Assembly.
  • Administrator Sets “Budget” for Assembly Approval.
  • Administrator Given “Total Control” for One (1) Year.

Administrator (Manager)

  • Administrator Establishes “Budget” for Assembly of Owners.
  • Confirms “Pro-Rata Share” of Expenses in Bylaws for each Owner.
  • Employs Association Staff and Hires Independent Contractors.
  • Arranges Employee Insurance, Pension Benefits, and Severance Pay.
  • Supervises Working Schedule of Employees, Contractors, and Suppliers.
  • Issues “Owner Invoices” on a Monthly or Quarterly basis.
  • Prepares Financial Reports for Accounting and Budget Reviews.
  • Works with Accountant to Assure all Applicable Taxes are Paid.


Cabarete Lifestyle Management takes the role of Administrator as a Company with specialists who focus on the following:

  • Community Rules & Regulations
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting
  • Building & Pool Maintenance
  • Landscaping & Gardens
  • Employee Payroll & Supervision
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Local Vendors & Suppliers
  • Interior Property Management
  • International Sales & Rentals
  • Guest Services & Client Relations
  • Website Promotions
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Financial Analysis
  • Property Trades & Exchanges

Administration Side-Effects

Many Developers Build a Project… then walk away.
It is then up to the Owners to elect an Administrator to manage affairs of the Assembly. The results can be positive or negative.

Positive Effects of Good Administration:

  • Reduction of Deferred Maintenance.
  • Economies of Scale; More Efficiency.
  • Peace of Mind; Sense of Pride.
  • Increase in Rental Income.
  • Repair of Developer Short-Cuts.
  • Upgrades for Existing Deficiencies.
  • Increase in Resale Value.

Negative Effects of Bad Administration:

  • Deferred Maintenance.
  • Inefficient Operation – Higher Costs
  • Owner Disatisfaction – Experience.
  • Negative Perception – Reputation.
  • Dis-Harmony Amongst Owners.
  • Decrease in Rental Income.
  • Decrease in Resale Value.

Economies of Scale

Multiple Projects Under One Team

Multiple Projects under One Team allows the team to be more efficient with Employees, Suppliers, and Independent Contractors. It is easier to schedule work shifts, days off, and vacations — and possibly save on payroll. Administration of multiple projects through a company brings multiple skills to the table. Project Administration can be done by an individual or a company. Benefits of Project Teams:

    • More Projects — More Knowledge.
    • More Knowledge — More Resources.
    • More Resources — Better Decisions.
    • Better Decisions — More Efficiency.
    • More Efficiency — Better Savings.
    • Better Savings — Lower Fees.
    • Lower Fees — More Sales & Rentals.
    • End Result — Better Lifestyle.

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