North Coast Map - Dominican Republic

(Alternate Map Views: CABARETE | SAMANA )

This map shows the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Cabarete Lifestyle Resorts are located in Cabarete to the north and the Samaná Península to the east. Note that image-icons show locations of resorts within the Cabarete Lifestyle Resort family. (More icons will appear when you zoom in.) Placing your "mouse over" an image displays a description of that resort. "Clicking" on an image takes you to the web page for that resort. You may also click on a specific resort below the map to go directly to that resort.

There are a few useful hints that will help you navigate this map. First are the "+" and "-" symbols in the upper-left corner of the map. These symbols are used to "zoom-in" and "zoom-out". Second are the "Map" and "Satellite" buttons in the upper-right corner of the map. These butons change the views of the map. (Use "Satelite" for a more detailed view). Finally, you can "Drag" the map in multiple directions by holding down you left mouse button and moving the pointer (hand) in the desired direction.